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Bad Oven Shipping Form

Thank you so much for wanting carbz mailed to you!!! 

Now it's time to place your order! You won't get charged from this form -- this is just to let me know what you're planning on getting so I can also figure out which shipping date I can put you in.

I'll be in touch again either with an invoice or an email with more questions if any in the coming days. Please keep an eye out for an email from me as they do tend to get stuck in either the promotions tab or junk mail. Sad.


  • The max order is 2 boxes of pandesal and 8 individual pieces of cookies. You can order less than that of course but cost-wise, this is the most bang for your buck. I can't offer larger orders as they tend to get lost or delayed, unfortunately. But if you reaaaallly want it, we can always look at UPS's 2-day service as an option.


  • West coast shipments range from $13 to $25.
  • East coast shipments start at $10 depending on how near or far you are from North Carolina. 


I drop them off at the USPS/UPS store on Monday afternoons and they typically arrive by Wednesday or Thursday of that week.